Escape from Enemy Mountain

A 9 level single-player modification for Doom 3


Update 17/8/09- Release of the first 2 maps still on the way

The first release is available at ModDB.  Unfortunately only the first map is "finalised" at the moment, so the release consists of one map plus my custom monsters (including the ones that don't feature in the map) which modders are permitted to use in their own mods.
Due to the implementation of the "randomised monsters/items" feature the map should be high on replayability.


Update 17/8/09- Release of the first 2 maps still on the way

The first release will have the first 2 maps and also a pk4 file containing the assortment of custom monsters that I've created specifically for the mod, in the style of Revility's monsterpack.
Three new screenshots are posted up on the site to illustrate what the revised maps are coming out like.


Update 22/6/09- Change of plan

The assets are largely finished but I'm not happy with the mapwork.  Some posts on the forum in particular have pointed to the main problem- trying to release 9 maps in one go is a large task, and can lead to a large temptation to keep wanting to change things around.

Thus this mod will instead be released partially (say 2-3 maps at a time) in much the manner that Classic Doom 3 was, and a release featuring the first 2 or 3 maps will occur soon.  Media will be put on the site shortly revealing the design of the new monsters, and new in-game screenshots will also follow shortly.  

Apologies to all for not making the release dates I hinted at, but I get a sense that had I released a finished version this spring it might have been a disappointment.   One idea behind the "partial/demo releases" route is that it makes it more certain that I will be releasing something to the public in the next few months- even though it won't be the whole mod in one go.   This way there's also a chance the mod could end up bigger and better than originally envisaged as I will be able to react to any feedback on the releases.


Update 18/1/09- Slow but sure progress

With real life kicking in (the usual set of excuses etc), I still can't promise a definite release date.  I can, however, offer some finalised details on what will be included in the mod- details are on the info page.  The mod is now in the beta-testing stage, with the level design for all of the levels largely finished barring bugs and gameplay balancing issues.

I would rather make sure the mod is of high quality at release rather than bring out a rushed beta in a couple of weeks' time.


Update 6/11/08- Only one level left to revamp

Level 5, Babel Fortress, is finished, leaving just Level 6 (Entrance) to revamp before the level design for all 9 levels is complete.  The level design should be finished by Christmas, but after that, there is custom monster implementation and bug testing to do.  Thus I think a Q1 2009 release date is likely.


Update 17/9/08- Another level completed

Only two more maps left to revamp.  End-of-level stats system improved.  I still can't commit to a release date, but still hope to get the first release out by the end of the year.


Update 18/8/08- Progress continues

I still won't be committing to any release dates, but progress is still ongoing- the 4th level is nearing finalisation now.


Update 29/6/08- Six down, three to go!

Another update to the info section, and update to the screenshots.  Some of the maps have provisionally had a name change.  The third map in the episode is now complete, so only maps 4, 5 and 6 remain unfinished. 


Update 26/5/08

Comprehensive update to the info section.  I don't think any custom weapons will actually be making it into the mod- not because of time constraints, but rather because my implementations had a "just there for the sake of it" feel, and didn't add anything to the gameplay.  Besides, Dentonmod includes a railgun and double barrelled shotgun by default (those will be retained).


Update 9/5/08

Progress has been fairly slow recently- real life commitments etc, the usual set of excuses.  However, levels 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 are all complete now, with 3, 4, 5 and 6 still needing some work to bring them up to the standards of the other maps.  I still hope to get the mod released during the back end of this year.


Update 13/3/08

Progress is still continuing on the mod.  Due to other commitments, it's quite slow, but still on target for a late 2008 release.  Both the first and last levels are now fully complete.  Screenshots of levels 2, 7 and 8 (all of which are almost complete) will be added this weekend. 


Update 25/2/08

Finally, the website for Escape from Enemy Mountain launches!

I've been very tight-lipped on this mod so far as I originally didn't intend to make a public release of it, but that has changed- the mod will be released on the internet when it's done.

The mod is nearing completion and, while I can't commit to any specific release dates (the most accurate date, I'm afraid, is "when it's done") I hope to get it out during the second half of 2008.

I have completed all 9 levels, but am currently revamping them to bring all of them up to a high standard- for as often happens with modding, my earlier levels are nowhere near as good as my later ones. 

Screenshots will be added here as the levels are finished, and info is available here.  


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