Escape from Enemy Mountain

A 9-level single-player modification for Doom 3



The idea is to create an experience akin to what I wanted from Doom 3.  Expect faster-paced gameplay, varied encounters with monsters, more varied and less predictable gameplay, and plenty of non-essential areas to explore.



You have been captured by hellspawn and taken to Enemy Mountain, the main residential zone of the planet Enemy Land which is a hellish outpost.  You need to escape back to civilisation.  Battle through 9 levels of hellspawn, trap, security-infested locations to get from the Cells Complex to the main headquarters, where you can catch a spaceship back to civilisation. 


I felt that the original Doom 3 had too much of the techbase environments and didn't make enough of the hell/cavern themes.   In contrast, Escape from Enemy Mountain features predominantly hellish environments.  Expect plenty of gothic architecture, ruined castles, crumbling fortresses, swamps, Egyptian-style dungeons, lavapits, and more.

In addition, all of the maps contain areas that are heavily inspired by Doom 1/2 and Hexen maps- a rather different take on the "Classic Doom 3" sort of idea.  Don't expect faithful recreations of any of the old maps, but do expect some nods to my favourite bits of the old maps.



During your trek through Enemy Mountain you will come up against a large number of new foes. 

  • Some Zombies have learnt the art of using plasma guns, railguns, rocket launchers and grenades.
  • The Imp has three close relatives, two of which have a powerful secondary attack.  The third is the Slime Imp which fires balls of nukage.  Also new to the Imp family are the partially invisible Spectre Imp and the Imp Lord.  The Stone Imp, in contrast, prefers to beat the living daylights out of its prey using its stone claws.
  • The Demon has two close relations, the partially invisible Spectre and the tougher, faster Nightmare Spectre.

  • The Cacodemon has three close relatives, the Doom Cacodemon (which is rather more Classic Doom-like in appearance and firepower), the Nightmare Cacodemon (partially invisible, faster and stronger) and the Slime Cacodemon (which likes to take up residence in nukage-infested areas and poison its prey using clouds of nukage)

  • The Hellknight has four new relatives, including the Baron of Hell, and the rock boss.
  • The Mancubus also has a close relative, the Slime Mancubus which fires poisonous exploding balls of nukage.

  • The Vagary has two (un?)welcome relatives, the Arachnotron (which will engulf its prey with super-powered plasma bolts) and the fearsome Spider Mastermind.

  • Lost Souls are also accompanied by Dead Souls and even Pain Elementals which fire lost souls at the player.
  • You will also come up against mortal (i.e. killable by normal means) versions of the Cyberdemon, Sabaoth, Guardian and Guardian Seeker.


The AI is largely unchanged, but I have implemented a random monster/item spawning system (yes, it is indeed possible in Doom 3, with a few useful scripts, to implement the same kind of randomness seen in many recent Valve Software games such as Left 4 Dead, which provided the inspiration for this idea).  So while monster counts and monster-to-items ratios are kept within limits to provide a fair experience for the player, no two playthroughs will be exactly the same, and you'll never know exactly what's around the corner...


Feature Alterations

The PDA is replaced with a Computer Area Map- so no more wandering around lost in hallways.  In addition, there is an end-of-level stats system similar to that of Doom 1/2.  Monster infighting is also making a return.  Ambient sounds include remixes of Doom and Hexen tunes as well as the stock sound effects.

The mod also uses Denton's Enhanced Doom 3, meaning enhanced lighting, beam and tracer effects, and the return of the super shotgun and railgun.



The custom monsters and the first map are released, more maps to come in the coming months.


Screenshots can be found here.


Current Progress

Assets are complete, mapwork needs a bit more work.




Some mod makers and teams have given me permission to use some of their assets, which is particularly useful with this being a solo project.  The list is as follows:


* J_C_Denton, for Denton's Enhanced Doom 3 

* Sonic Clang, for giving permission to use his remixes of Doom 1 Episode 1 music

* Sycraft, for giving permission to use the Sycraft remixes

* Dante_uk, for giving permission to use his water assets

* Ivan_the_B, for giving permission to use monsters from the forthcoming Fragging Free mod 

* Revility, for giving permission to use the Revility monsterpack 


I've endeavoured to make sure that no third-party assets are to be used in this mod without the creators' permission.