The Website of Mr Ian R Simpson


Some personal details

I am currently pursuing a career in atmospheric sciences/environment/climate change.  I provide long-range weather forecasts on the website Net-Weather.  My general monthly forecasts are available freely on the Net-weather website; I also provide more detailed monthly forecasts that are available commercially.  I am doing a PhD at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, which has included a spell at the UK Met Office in Exeter.

I enjoy playing chess, snooker/pool, tenpin bowling, doing oil paintings, playing computer games, designing levels for computer games (currently designing levels for Doom 3 as a hobby) and have Grade 8 Piano.



This web page contains my personal manifesto, my ideas on how to put the world to rights, with particular emphasis on the UK (as that's where I live).


The manifesto is available here:





Manifesto outline 

The main manifesto homepage is divided into chapters to make it easier to navigate. 


The manifesto covers a large range of areas.  I give proposals on how to maximise freedom within society, while at the same time ensuring that people are punished appropriately if they behave irresponsibly.  I suggest ways to deal with discrimination, bullying and related issues.


I also provide a discussion on how laws, social norms etc. work.  No, I'm not a sociologist (my research interests emphatically lie elsewhere) but I have analysed these issues and come up with suggestios from my own experience.  I do this to provide a basis for my suggestions on how to deal with the above issues and challenge some popular misconceptions.


In the following section I analyse specific social issues, including working practice, relationships, childcare etc.


The third section delves deeply into environmental issues, with proposals on how to help reduce our emissions and thus, potentially, help save the planet, while minimising the disruption to our lifestyles that such changes will cause.   Following on from the environment I go on to discuss transport, giving proposals for a balanced, integrated transport system.  The last section deals with copyright issues. 



Weather Records

I have taken personal weather records for many years, and have a long period of measurements. 

My personal weather records for Cleadon, from 1993 to date, are available here.  Weather records are indexed by year and month.


Doom 3 modification

You can also take a look at some info on the forthcoming mod for Doom 3 that I am close to completing, Escape from Enemy Mountain.


Chess site

I am also developing a chess-related site here, mostly covering various opening gambits where one side or the other offers a pawn (often a central pawn) in return for time, open lines and development.